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Garrett here from GES Who Photography! As you know, I run this business to serve the local community with a great option for premium photography services. But, I also volunteer with a national 501c3 charity organization called Costumers With A Cause (CWC)!

Specifically, I contribute to the Northeast Florida branch. My wife and I began volunteering with CWC in December 2018. She as a character performer, and myself as an official photographer. I eventually began building an Iron Man suit and collecting other superhero costumes! I was chosen to be a CWC public social media editor, and I recently joined the CWC Leadership Team as a Northeast Florida Event Leader.

What do we do?

The CWC mission is to work with children’s charitable organizations, foundations, and fundraising events, that promote community growth, unity, education, and hope for every child’s future. CWC believes that a world of difference can be made with a smile, a photo, a shared laugh or a simple hello. And I have witnessed it firsthand.

Local events

CWC members tend to be very active in their community, and we are no exception. Since joining in 2018, my wife and I have attended dozens of official events to make a difference in our area! Below, you will find a sampling of some of my favorite events to date!

Wolfson Children’s Challenge

The Wolfson Children’s Challenge is an annual event to fundraise for children whose families may not be able to afford medical care. Participants can, run the 55K ultra marathon or organize a team for the 55K ultra relay. There is also an individual 30K, and a 1-Mile Fun Run!

CWC Northeast Florida has been in attendance since 2019 as a feature to the event. We encourage families to come out and participate in this wonderful cause! This event is dear to me because Wolfson’s performed my heart surgery when I was 17.


Liam is an 8-year-old boy who is bravely battling a brain tumor. He had surgery to remove most of the mass, and has undergone several rounds of chemo and radiation. A family of another child on his baseball team reached out to me to see if I could get CWC to be a part of a neighborhood walk for the little man, and we have been a part of his journey ever since! His favorite hero is Captain America.

6 months later, Liam’s mother Renee organized a Blood Drive with Lifesouth Community Blood Centers and Good News Church. Blood for over 100 transfusions was collected from the community – a significant amount from CWC volunteers (myself included)!

St. Augustine Christmas Parade

Every year it has been held since 2018, CWC has participated in the St. Augustine Christmas Parade! Children and adults alike love seeing the characters, and we typically hand out candies, comics, or other goodies!

Callahan Christmas Parade

Beginning in 2020, we also participate in the Callahan Christmas Parade! Same deal, different location!

Everything else under the sun!

Over the last few years, CWC Northeast Florida has visited assisted living homes, attended child-driven community events, performed hospital visits in character, hosted virtual hospital visits and games during the pandemic, and supported local initiatives for the differently-abled!

CWC is always looking for new, dedicated members! There is no requirement to be a costumed character performer – we always need hero support, photographers, and event organizers!